My personal guide on helping others to this hobby of ours.

<aside> 💡 Looking for an FAQ? The Audio Advice Corner is what you want.


The audiophile hobby is just as messy as the rest of expensive hobbies out there.

Just like keyboards, coffee and food, good audio is a hobby that gets deep in a rabbit hole: there’s the promise of an endgame, there’s multiple ways to appreciate the subjective nature of the hobby, they get expensive but at the same time pleasing and meaningful, there’s some science behind the choices, and at the same time, it’s also rooted in subjective stuff.

Where do I begin?

Just like in a video game, I think there’s a series of tasks that you’ll want to check off as you get started. It’ll help you learn more about why the community chooses to do certain things off the beaten path that the mainstream audience does.

Starter Tasks

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